Hard Working Bikes For Hard Working Professionals


Hard Working Bikes For Hard Working Professionals

“Reliability is the precondition for trust.”

– Wolfgang Schauble

The solution

DuraBike provides bikes that won’t break down to people who depend on their bike to do their jobs. 

DuraBike is the bike fleet solution to others with chronic breakdowns, poor performance and expanding service costs.   DuraBike offers work bikes and all the accessories needed to support organizations with bike fleets, including patrol lights, bags, and bike racks.  Email with inquiries.


To offer long-lasting bike and equipment to working professionals.

We’ve designed a bike suited for the unique needs of law enforcement, military, and government use. DuraBike will offer websales, contract bidding, and federal website listings.


Professional bikes that won’t break down; backed by a five year guarantee.

DuraBikes are built in the USA to ensure the longest lasting bikes on the market.  Wheels are hand-built using components engineered to last a lifetime.  If a wheel bends or breaks, call us, and we’ll exchange it.

Who we are

Inspired by a lack of ridable bikes in deployed environments, DuraBike is founded by a lifelong cyclist and mechanic with a career of military service.

Together with the Veterans Business Owners Initiative and with support from the Maine Technology Institute and Maine Center for Entrepreneurs, DuraBike is ready to answer your call.