The Heavy Duty Bicycle

Hard Working Bikes For Hard Working People

The Heavy Duty Bicycle

Hard Working Bikes For Hard Working People

“Reliability is the precondition for trust.”

– Wolfgang Schauble

The solution

DuraBike provides bikes that won’t break down to people who depend on bikes to do their jobs.  

DuraBike establishes a new value point between performance, reliability, and price.  DuraBikes are engineered to be the most reliable, highest performing, lowest maintenance bikes for law enforcement, EMS, military, and fleet service use.  All DuraBikes feature a sealed gearbox transmission, carbon-belt drive system, low maintenance components, and a comfortable, light-weight steel frame.

Chromoly Steel Frame

Made from ultra-durable steel that offers comfort suitable for long shifts on the saddle and resists long-term metallurgical fatigue. The frames feature a modern trail-bike geometry, tuned for nimble maneuvering through tight spaces and confidently handling corners on loose surfaces.

Hand Built Wheels for Durability

Wheels are made with carefully selected components and built to stringent tolerances. This prevents wheels from bending or breaking even under hard impacts with curbs and potholes. Between the tire and tube is a high-density foam that protects against flats and offers run-flat capability.

Belt Drive System

For riders with little time for maintenance, a grease-free belt drive system is the ideal solution.

Sealed Gearbox Transmission

Proven technology chosen for superior service life and reduced maintenance.

Pinion Gearbox Technology

High performance, low maintenance. Gearboxes only require 1 oil change per year.

Sealed Gearbox Transmission

The equipment of choice by cyclists in the harshest environments.