Wheel Building

Fanatical about wheels

Tell us about the wheelset you’re after.  We’ll research options and availability, then give you a phone call to discuss.

Our hand-built and precision tensioned wheels will hold trueness longer, have increased durability, and have a superb ride quality.

All DuraBikes feature Tannus armour inserts.  Tannus armour eliminates 90% of punctures from road debris, reduces pinch flats, and is run-flat capable.  They’re light and simply offer the highest reliability for work bikes. This system uses regular low maintenance inner tubes; no mess or fuss with tubeless sealant.

If you’re in the market for wheels for your road, mountain, or fatbike, DuraBike has you covered.  DuraBike will work with your budget to get you wheels you need.  Wheels and tires have the greatest effect of how a bike rides, add capability to the bike you already ride with a second set of wheels.

HG, XD, or Microspline (no problem if you're not sure, just let me know what drivetrain you'll be using).
Please include information about what you'd like, such as specific brand hub, rims, spokes, colors; are you looking for a good quality budget wheelset or a race day wheelset?